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We Don’t Hear A Thing…

For anyone wanting to know if progress has been made in creating solutions to the issue (for some residents) of noise – and the lack of quiet times – in the Village, we can report we don’t hear a thing…At least not yet from Village Trustees.

Woodstock Early Bird asked Trustees last night if a Noise Committee had convened yet to start addressing big-picture issues about the overall level of quiet and/or din in the Village and a potential committee review of existing noise ordinances. The committee idea came out of a particular dispute last summer over hours for outdoor wedding bands at the Woodstock Inn.

After being asked to do so last night by Trustee Bob Pear, Trustee Trish Compton promised to announce a Noise Meeting date to the public when the group gets together since there has been no meeting yet. However, it’s not clear who is — or is not — on the committee since reference was made to someone being asked who declined the invitation.

Trustee Chair Candace Coburn said last night there’s really no need for a timeline since the issues have gone away for the time being. She said she was sure solutions would be found by next season.