Foliage Weekend in Review: The H20 Brown-Out Explained

Woodstock Early Bird has had a bit of chance to recover from the Columbus Day weekend and a celebratory toast to its end with a delicious (who knew?!)apple cider mimosa which resulted in her seeing a UNICORN on Central Street?

So, now we are trying to clean up the news detritus left in the weekend’s wake:

Last Friday, at the height of the delightful visitor onslaught, water in some Village taps went to brown. Woodstock Aqueduct’s Eric Wegner says he has tried to have a “No water problem policy” for Fridays — in particular Fridays of holiday weekends —  but, in this case, that didn’t work.

Wegner reports, “We were losing 200 gallons of water an hour…” from a popped connector pipe to the Mellishwood Residences off Central Street right around mid-day. The cause,  according to Wegner,  was a Comcast Cable crew (or its subcontractor) who, um, dug a couple of feet too deep than the suggested two to three-foot *maximum* and damaged a two-inch water pipe. Result: A gushah!!  Also some temporarily murky waters…

Water had to be turned off, then turned back on. Woodstock Aqueduct was not amused.  All good now. Things patched on up…

Another scene from the weekend…This couple, visiting from Boston,  took a break from shopping and the rain, making themselves comfortable at Gillingham’s to play a round of CHECKERS :

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  1. Posted by Steven Thomas on October 10, 2012 at 12:00

    Isn’t that checkers? (And I don’t mean Nixon’s dog…).


  2. Posted by Jon Estey on October 10, 2012 at 12:15

    Maybe this illusive unicorn creature might make an appearance at Spooky Woodstock? Hmm, on second thought, does bow season for unicorns start this weekend too? The unicorn might want to head to the Hamptons for a few weeks.


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