Spooky Woodstock: Vampires, Cemetery Tours, Heart Torching

Woodstock Early Birds…The Village Trustees last night approved a Saturday, OCTOBER 27th event known as “Spooky Woodstock”, the details of which left us both horrified and hysterical.

Be prepared for wailing, vampire heart destruction and visitation by ye olde favorite River Street Cemetery residents.

Obviously, the Woodstock History Center knows how to stir up the spirit world for Halloween (weekend before).

In particular, the WHC’s Jack Anderson came all straight-faced asking for permission and filling out permits in order to light tiki torches and install a vampire-heart-boiling pot on the Village Green. In addition, Trustees gave the “OK” to  install cobwebs and a wailing Ipod machine to the Woodstock Middle Bridge.

In addition, we have learned that — as part of this Saturday the 27th event (from 5:30-7:30pm), you can “enjoy” LIVE spooky organ music while watching black and white horror films at St. James Church (NOTE: This was corrected to St James from UU). Obviously, it doesn’t get any better than this!

The Woodstock History Center will also be giving tours of Woodstock Village to include visits with deceased persons in costume….

Our heart lept into our throats with both mirth and fear as we heard Anderson say the History Center is very excited to be getting a “LIVE” heart for the “re-enactment” of a vampire heart torching. Really? We did not pursue this line of inquiry…

As many of you are aware, Woodstock folklore is that sometime around 1830 or 1834– depending on which account you read — a family member or two was dying and died of a “wasting” disease and was thought to be ready to come after the living for their blood. In an effort to curtail this potentially terrifying circumstance, a vampire heart was dis-interred and placed in an iron container so as to be torched. Some accounts say the heart was buried under the Woodstock Village Green and later dug up by young boys. In any case, we’re sure the Vampire “experts” at the History Center will be able tell you more.

We note that Smithsonian Magazine has a whole article this month on the Vampire Panic in New England which should be fascinating reading before you join a “Spooky Woodstock” tour on October 27th.

We will be stocking up on our garlic and mirrors. Oh, and if you are REALLY interested in the vampire threat, we note there is a new Facebook page out there for the “Vermont Dept. of Vampire Defense”– We are sure it will provide helpful suggestions to help you through this spooky time.

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  1. Posted by Kevin Maher on October 10, 2012 at 11:12

    September 27th or October 27th?

    Kevin J. Maher


  2. Posted by Bob Merrill on October 10, 2012 at 12:00

    I assume you mean October 27, since September 27 is a) gone by and b) a Thursday…

    Fortunately, a mistake such as that has never happened to me… :o)



  3. Posted by Sari on October 10, 2012 at 12:03

    A correction to your report on Spooky Woodstock – the silent movie and organ music will be held at St. James Episcopal Church, not at the UU Church.


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