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Trustees: Halloween, River Street Wall Planning, Etc.

Village Trustees Trish Compton, Chair Candace Coburn, Eric Nesbitt, Bob Pear. Not in photo: Trustee Chris Miller

A little bit of a wrap-up from the Village Trustees Meeting this week…

1. Woodstock Elementary School’s Karen White was in attendance to describe recommendations for improving “Safe Routes to School” and how they might be integrated into a grant request. There are two sources of funding being worked on right now to make traffic and pedestrian improvement in the Village — particularly in the area of the Woodstock Elementary School.

2. Related to that issue, appearing on her own behalf, Linden Hill resident Rene Goldberg described the intersection of School Street, Linden Hill and Prospect Street as “a nightmare for pedestrians” and asked for the blind turning issues there to be addressed.

Rene Goldbert describes a dangerous intersection at Linden Hill

3. Regarding the testing out of removing Village lighting, Barbara Coughlin of Church Hill Road spoke of her safety concerns NOT having a light near the end of the Village and her home. She said she couldn’t imagine “coming up that hill not having a light at that point in the driveway…” Trustees reiterated that the lighting program was a “test” and that Coughlin’s concerns would be considered.

4. Halloween Parade for Woodstock Elementary Kids: Wednesday, October 31st from 2:00pm to 2:45pm

5. Halloween Candy in Village: Following a request from Rep. Alison Clarkson and Maple Street resident Ann Jones, Village Trustees approved a contingency fund of $500 to pay for candy in case private citizens are not able to contribute enough to provide for the annual give-away on High, Cross, Maple and Golf.

As usual, bins have been placed for candy donations at four locations: The Town Hall, The Emergency Services Building, The Woodstock Elementary School and at Mac’s Grocery Store. Local residents will distribute candy to the neighborhood as needed. High, Cross, Maple Streets and Golf Avenue will be closed off on Halloween evening. Dissenting from the vote was Trustee Chris Miller. With regards to the $500 allocation, Trustee Chair Candace Coburn said, “We created this…and it’s all good. I’m very much for it and feel it’s the responsible thing to do.”

6. River Street Retaining Wall Project: Engineer Mike Willis presented results from a study/survey of what might need to happen to repair a section of wall and road running from the Elm Street Bridge onto River Street. The section is about 300 feet long and would address imminent failure of the existing area –including its narrow roadway — to hold up the bank from sloughing off into the Ottauquechee River. He noted attempts have been made over the years to buttress the road and sidewalk area and now it is a motley combination of stone, concrete, guard rails …”and is threatening to collapse.”

Among suggestions made by Willis are to bring down the height of the road as it runs uphill which would give extra widening capacity to that road and then put in pilings to establish a new retention area on the river side. Willis said the project might mean having to take down some hardwood and softwood trees although he did not say which ones might have to go. He also did not address any issues — at this point — regarding working into an area, downslope from the Billings-Rockefeller Mansion that is now federal land belonging to the National Park Service. Again, the presentation was a preliminary look at a possible project for which there is a grant. Willis mentioned his proposal would be a way to “back into” some funding. Trustees did not make any decisions pending a site visit scheduled for 8am on Tuesday, October 30th.