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Howling History Comes ALIVE….on Spooky Woodstock Tours 5p-6:30pm Saturday

River Street Cemetery residents will rise to tell their tales during Spooky Woodstock Tour

If you’d like to really, really get into the Halloween SPIRIT this weekend (since Halloween itself is mid-week next Wednesday), you will definitely enjoy the Woodstock History Center’s “Spooky Woodstock” tour and events.  Historical ghosts, vampires, LIVE organ music, and scary movies!

Here’s the deal: Check in at the Woodstock History Center on Elm Street — Any time between 5:00 and 6:30pm  — and you will be “escorted” on a very chillingly spooky walking tour down Elm Street to the River Street Cemetery where you will “encounter” notable residents from Woodstock’s past….

From there you will meander (carefully so as not to disturb any other River Street cemetery residents) through the “Haunted Covered Bridge” and then on to the Village Green for the re-enactment of the Vampire Heart “Skit”.

From there….proceed to St. James Church where you can experience FULL-ON creepy organ music with scary black and white silent movies playing in the background….Wooooooooo Woodstock….

Even if you are not on a tour and are not participating, but simply at home in Woodstock Village early Saturday evening, you might hear some wailing in the distance or even observe a certain  “doctor” making special preparations over a fire on the Green in order to expunge evil vampires from pursuing the blood of Vulnerable Villagers.


Oh, after? Head back to the Woodstock History Center for cider and doughnuts, of course! This is a free event but the History Center will welcome your generous donations.

P.S.  This poster reminds us/you to bring along flashlights as it may get dark and you don’t want to disturb anything in your path….BOO!


NOTE: For this event, Woodstock Early Bird, having never managed to acquire such titleage during her time in Washington, D.C., becomes for this event only, the wife of one of Woodstock’s foremost Senators!

Hah, take that, Liz Taylor!