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Sshhh…Don’t Tell Anyone….Noise Committee Meets

We’ve been having such beautiful Fall weather. It’s been perfect for raking leaves! Back in the day it was on the list of “assigned duties” for Woodstock Early Bird to rake the leaves of a rather large yard. Once begun it was a nice activity-smell of leaves, crisp air, a little exercise.

Instead we have the leaf-blowers: much more efficient but alas when we went out in the pouring rain the other day we forgot our earplugs. Neighbor had his ear protection on, but we didn’t get the memo…Blowing leaves on a quiet rainy day? Really?

In any case…..just an update that a Woodstock Village committee tasked with reviewing noise issues and ordinances DID hold their first meeting earlier this week. It was held Tuesday at 8:30am at the Town Hall.

Woodstock Early Bird was not in attendance. 

Trustee Bob Pear did attend and reports to us the following:

Attending the meeting were Trustee Trish Compton, the Woodstock Inn’s Werner Graef, Village jeweler Nick Ferro, and Village Green resident Gail Stickney.  (We understand that Gay Travers graciously declined an invitation to serve on the Committee due to its make-up being so business-heavy it seemed like a “non-starter” for any reasonable openess to change from the get go.)

Pear says, in fact, the first meeting almost became the last meeting as it appeared most focused on resolving just one of last summer’s problems and that the group was then ready to go home.

The issue was one regarding moving a Noise Ordinance time for parties in the Village and/or at the Woodstock Inn to 11pm from 10pm or whether to simply continue granting variances.The group thought 11pm on weekends would be fine and was ready to present that decision.

According to Pear,who has gone head-to-head with the Woodstock Inn on matters of noise and decibel levels, a suggestion to  interview some residents about their noise  concerns was shot down by Stickney as being beyond the scope of  the committee’s work.

However, Ferro said it wouldn’t hurt to give those with noise issues some time for a hearing.

Pear reported that from his point of view the Woodstock Inn’s Graef has been willing to work on concerns and that even bringing down the volume of outdoor bands after a certain hour (10pm) has been helpful and might serve as a future model for such events.Pear reports that Graef himself mentioned the importance of catering to guests who are not part of weddings or parties needing rest after a certain hour.

We did not attend the meeting as we assumed it would be organizational in nature, that this would just be the first of many meetings.

We’ll post again when the Committee makes a report to the full panel of the Village Trustees. 

The committee will only make recommendations and has no authority to change Woodstock ordinance.