Sandy Update #5 Monday 830am: Shelter in Place: Do Not Drive!

Woodstock’s Emergency Committee met this morning to plan for Hurricane Sandy

Woodstock’s Emergency Committee met early this morning to coordinate plans for Hurricane Sandy winds.

One major message from our Town and Village officials: ONCE THE WINDS START UP THIS AFTERNOON, GET HOME AND STAY PUT!


This action (or lack of action) is an emergency management tool known as “SHELTER IN PLACE.”

That means: STAY HOME!

Even if you don’t have power, stay put. Our leaders say it will be far more dangerous to be out driving around when tree limbs and power lines may be coming down.

Later, while you may want to cruise around and see wind damage or check in with friends, our Town officials basically are asking in no uncertain terms:

For the Love of God, use some common sense!”  Also,  if you are already out there in the middle of the storm for some reason and become stuck under a downed line or tree in your car – STAY PUT!  Wires are likely to be live and deadly. Do not try to move limbs or lines tangled up together.

Town Manager Phil Swanson says as of this morning, wind speed expectations (as distributed by Vermont Emergency Management) are slightly higher than yesterday with expected sustained winds of 40-50mph at some time in the next 24 hours. It is expected the most intense winds will develop later tonight (Monday evening).

Woodstock Elementary School Principal Karen White will be meeting with Superintendent Alice Worth today to determine whether school will be closed tomorrow. Town of Woodstock officials are recommending strongly to school officials they consider a closure of schools tomorrow to keep people off roads.

If you or someone you know needs non-emergency assistance call: 457-2337 or 457-2323 for some reason or eventually need a ride to a shelter, Woodstock Dispatch will arrange for someone to come and get you or provide help. Do NOT venture out during the storm on your own.

Right now there is no plan to open a shelter, but officials will be meeting again this evening and tomorrow morning to determine the need for one. Very locally, the Woodstock Elementary School, which has a generator, could be used as a “warming shelter” — It would not provide for showers and long-term needs.

911 is ONLY for emergency.

Dispatcher Penny Davis reports Bridgewater is all dialed in and that they will have a place for “warming” at the Bridgewater Town Offices. Also, should the need arise, Long Trail Brewery will be open and ready to help as needed.

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