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Post-Sandy Scheduling Notes….Woodstock Halloween is FRIDAY!

Update/Correction: Bentley’s Halloween Party is this Friday, November 2nd, 2012 — WEB


Hurricane Sandy justifiably created a little havoc with people’s schedules this week…Here are a few program notes on the days ahead:

1. East Central Vermont Community Fiber Optic group was to hold a meeting for Woodstock business folks this evening to answer questions and discuss how they might get on board with a new hub that is to go in to the library. It was to be held at the Town Hall this evening but has been rescheduled and moved to the Thursday, November 1st, 7:00pm at the Norman Williams Public Library. 

EC Fiber’s Dave Brown will talk about how the fiber optic hub can work to provide businesses with optimum connectivity. There are costs involved, of course, and he will be prepared to discuss what it will take to get connected.

2. Halloween will NOT be “celebrated” on Wednesday. Both Woodstock Elementary School and the Village of Woodstock have moved their activities to this FRIDAY, November 2nd.  The children’s Halloween Parade will be at 2:00pm on Friday and Trick-or-Treating on High Street, Cross Street, Golf Avenue and Maple Streets will be on Friday evening. Woodstock Police will be closing off those roads — be aware — go around and watch for darting goblins, princesses and such.

3. The Haunted House at The Homestead has been rescheduled for Friday, November 2nd from 6pm to 9pm. Woodstock Rotary’s Interact Club is sponsoring the even and it promises to be scarier than ever!

4. Conveniently, for those adults who like to get ghoulish and extend the Halloween “Season”….Bentley’s will be holding its annual Halloween Party on Friday night, November 2nd. Scaarrry. Get someone to tell you about the days of  it being a Funeral Parlor…spirits abound!

5. Community-Wide Crisis seminar  at the High School Auditorium is this Saturday, November 3rd, on how we  ALL fit in to the Emergency Management and Incident Command System during times of disaster or crisis (like Irene or Sandy or any other number of incidents that might happen). Everyone, professional or volunteer, can have a role — This is about national standards for how crises — ideally — should be managed.

Emergency Services Chief L.D. Sutherland, Jr. invites EVERYONE to come. This is a great way to learn how our leaders work during times of crisis whether at the national or local level. The day  — this Saturday (from 8:30am until 2pm) is meant to be a learning time with a guest speaker (Wayne Bindas, Director of Training for the Hartford, Connecticut Fire Department).

This event is being offered by Woodstock Emergency Services and is FREE, at Woodstock High School, with coffee and lunch provided. This is open to anyone who offers their help as a first responder, EMT, police officer, constable, or VOLUNTEER.

If you have helped out during Irene  and at other times and would like to be useful in the future for your community, this is a great way to learn how the system works — the Incident Command System (and current variants) are used throughout the country on wildland fires, multiple victim accidents, inter-agency projects. (More in another post…WEB)