Prevent the Zombie Apocalypse: Re-Elect Barack Obama

Woodstock Early Bird knows that the majority of people in our little hamlet already know who they would like to lead the U.S. for the next four years.

We doubt very much whether our endorsement of the current President makes one iota of difference to anyone. Most of you have probably seen our bumper sticker: “I Ride Inside: Dogs Against Romney”.

We could go into a long list of reasons we’ll stay the course with President Obama but suffice it to say that we are no worse off than four years ago and that sometimes “no news is good news”.

We like to keep her steady and fear that much like a sailboat with the skittish skipper reacting to changing winds pulling the tiller too hard to port or starboard, Candidate Mitt Romney might end up throwing us overboard.

While some may say we are “becalmed” under President Obama, Woodstock Early Bird, would rather wait for a better wind and set sail when the next easy breeze is up.

Nope, we didn’t like the President sending in more troops to Afghanistan and yup, we have to admit we questioned whether bailing out the auto industry was the way to go. But, we see that troops are being drawn down and that several U.S. car companies are doing better. We also appreciate that — so far — Church and State are not following us into the medical examination room to tell our well-trained doctors how to treat us.

In matters purely personal rather than political, we think the President has a natural empathy lacking in Mr. Romney. Although it was an isolated statement to private campaign contributors, we still think the “heart and soul” of Romney is contained in his words revealing contempt for the 47% of the United States — which would include quite a few Woodstockers who get up early and go to bed late to make ends meet. Not to mention Romney’s treatment of his poor Irish Setter (that one really sticks in our craw..) And about Romney’s visit to Vermont — it had nothing to do with pizza boxes — you already know how Woodstock Early Bird feels about the candidate’s rudeness in not even saying hello to Woodstockers or acknowledging our presence.

In matters of far greater importance, in particular those of financial security, equal pay for women and reproductive rights, we want a President who continues to work for financial opportunity, equality and a President who continues to respect existing hard-fought laws of the land. On many fronts, Mr. Romney would apparently like to take us all back in time. We would like to move forward.

We note that Woodstock’s weekly newspaper , The Vermont Standard, is also endorsing Barack Obama for President today. We appreciate this from a generally conservative, pro-business Republican publisher who is nonetheless of the breed of no nonsense, common sense Vermonter who we have always had the utmost respect. This is someone (and his Board) who does not “toe” the party line but who goes with the best candidate — Republican, Independent or Democrat. What a breath of fresh air that is!

In this particular election, Woodstock Early Bird prefers middle-of-the-road, even boring, even less-than-stellar President Barack Obama to Republican candidate Mitt Romney who is clearly being pulled far to the extremes by politicians and religious leaders who wish to steer his course. And that, to Woodstock Early Bird, is the problem: President Obama, for better and not much worse, is setting and sailing his own steady course. With Romney at the helm, following the whims of others, we might end up waay too far to leeward and on the rocks.

All of this said, we’d now like to have a little fun. We share with you a Halloween-specific “campaign ad” from Joss Whedon, a film director, who seems to have some additional thoughts for you to consider before you enter the voting booth and consider the possibility of a Romney presidency:

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  1. Posted by Carol Boerner on November 1, 2012 at 13:16

    You go girl! Love that video! XXC


  2. Posted by Patricia on November 1, 2012 at 14:54

    Early Bird! So disappointed you left your usual stellar reporting to wade into national politics!! While things may be fine in America’s prettiest village, we have to think (and vote) for what is best for Americans as a whole. Unemployment is UP. Gas prices are UP. Food stamp usage is WAY UP. Federal debt is WAY UP. Student loan debt is WAY UP. While President Obama is an historic president and a great husband and father, he is clearly in WAY over his head. I’m voting for a turn-around expert who golfs less and preps for debates more.


  3. Posted by Emily Schanck on November 1, 2012 at 15:20

    You need to stay out of politics!! I don’t believe that is the purpose of your site.

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  4. Posted by Kimberly DiNofrio on November 1, 2012 at 15:40

    Go Woodstock Early Bird! Go Obama! It’s your blog, you have the right to say whatever you want & endorse whoever you want.


  5. Unfortunately it is exceedingly simple for people to shout misinformation with no actual numbers, no actual proof, no actual sources upon which to draw. Obviously nothing in life or politics is entirely all good or all bad. Life is full of nuance. And in the age of the Mighty, Mighty Internet there is simply no excuse any longer for ignorance or for allowing people to put information over on us that is unproven/cannot-be-proved. The facts, the sources and the proof are all out there and if you have the ability to reply/comment to an online blog, you have the ability to access the information, knowledge, facts.

    Regarding the “actual numbers” related to The President’s first term: they are accurately represented and explained here (note the LONG LIST of source cites at the foot of this particular webpage – show me your sources if you are going to try to “sell me” your “facts”):

    With regard to Mitt Romney: yes, he is very good at debate preparation and this is evidenced by the fact that each time Mr. Romney debates he sticks to completely new positions and opinions that, at first blush, appear to be in direct contradiction of his former stances.

    I write this from Utah, where I have been “stranded” since Super Storm Sandy shut down JFK. Personally, I found it extremely powerful that The Salt Lake Tribune endorsed President Obama for a second term. The basis for the Tribune’s refusal to endorse Mitt Romney is that there simply is no way to tell what Mr. Romney “truly believes.” If he does, in fact, truly believe anything. I personally have other disagreements with Mr. Romney as a person, as a businessman and as a politician. But there is nothing in this life (and in politics) that I despise more than hypocrisy. You can read The Salt Lake Tribune’s well reasoned and written endorsement of The President here:

    A man who does not truly believe anything, can be bought by anyone. The United States is better than to elect a President who is nothing more than a hired mouthpiece willing to say whatever someone tells him will get him what he wants – The Presidency. Mr. Romney has no one’s interests at heart but his own. That is not a President.

    Full Disclosure: There was never a single undecided bone in my body. President Obama had my vote from the moment he declared he would run for re-election. But that does not mean I think the American Public should accept hypocrisy, deceit and less-than-truthful-information. It is every American’s responsibility to both find out the facts/truth and to challenge those who insist upon trying to keep it from us.


  6. Posted by Andrea Sand on November 1, 2012 at 16:49

    No surprise to see that Lucky and Juno support Obama. Unfortunately they’re ineligible to vote. But for you humans out there: DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!!!!!!


    • Although these dogs resemble the ones you know, they are actually dogs belonging to a contributor to Emily’s List, an organization that encourages and supports the political candidacy of women.


  7. Posted by Wayne on November 1, 2012 at 17:05

    Good to read this as we are part of the U.S. Our main drag here may not look it, nor our East End, however, there are U.S. insurances wit controls, e.i. FEMA, Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment which is needed. As you say, now is not the time to be juggling or eliminating these, nor the administrators, as we continue to pull hard out of the deep Bush debts. Good job, Julia. And thanks for reminding your lil’ nest that we are all in this together.


  8. Posted by Lee Garsh on November 1, 2012 at 17:33

    You are delusional and know nothing about finance, economics or what is happening politically in this country. We would be better off if you kept your political philosophy to yourself until you were smart enough and informed enough to voice your opinion in a public manner. You should be embarrassed by your comments which have no business on your Post as an extremely large number of your readers don’t want to hear your uniformed opinions… Keep up the good work


    • Nastiness and name-calling do nothing to advance our collective interests.

      WEB is not the least bit embarrassed about her opinions and will continue to express them as she always has.

      This blog has always been fact-based opinion and will continue to be exactly that.

      It it irrelevant whether you or anyone else wants to read or hear these facts and opinion, it is one voice, WEB’s voice that carries with it 25 years in journalism,including political journalism, not to mention ten years work in New York and Washington, including the Reagan White House.

      Oh, and we forgot to mention…WEB has worked on a POLITICAL TV show since 2005 — let’s see, that’s 7 years now — one that daily covers hours and hours of legislative hearings concerning oh, little things, like oil production, natural gas, coastal zone management, fisheries, health and human services…small little topics of zero consequence whatsoever, that WEB certainly is too daft to wrap her microscopic brain around. Governor Sarah Palin? WEB was covering her before anyone “Down South” in the “Lower 48” had a clue. Naw, we don’t know anything and should keep our ideas to ourselves and let others speak — and perhaps even vote — on our behalf.

      We respect your right to not agree and to take issue, but it is precisely the type of nastiness you express that makes it clear – your clear superior economic expertise notwithstanding – that this time around the candidate for the people is the one with more regard and respect for the comman man (or woman) than you or your apparent choice for candidate appear to have.


    • Unfortunately (well only “unfortunately” for individuals who seek to silence the voices of people who express opinions they do not agree with) Americans are truly luckier than people living in any other country on this Earth because we have something called The First Amendment to our Constitution. Americans are guaranteed the rights to Free Speech and Free Expression regardless of how uncomfortable and seemingly angry that makes intolerant people.

      In my opinion we Vermonters are doubly lucky because we enjoy living in a state where, for the most part, we are able to discuss matters of import in a respectful and intelligent manner. But of course it does not accrue to anyone’s benefit when someone makes it a habit to “express his opinions” with nothing but intolerance and “meanness” directed at his fellow citizens.

      I have found that anger very often stems from fear. There is no need to be afraid of Americans expressing our opinions.

      If you can’t play nicely please get out of the sandbox, the rest of us enjoy a lively intellectual exchange/debate and we can do it without insulting each other.


  9. Posted by Jon on November 1, 2012 at 20:06

    Don’t feel bad!

    Another delusional, finance know nothing by the name of Michael Bloomberg endorsed Obama today.

    I’d say you are in good company.

    I’ll trust Bloomberg and Carlisle over Garsh and Trump any day!


  10. Posted by Paula on November 1, 2012 at 20:29

    Fve days to go!


  11. Posted by Diana Brown on November 1, 2012 at 20:59

    There is so much hurt and pain in the aftermath of Sandy, it behooves each one of us to follow Thumper’s mother’s admonition, ‘if you cannot be kind in conversing, then please be silent.’ Julia you are always fair and clear, and have the most singular way of expressing your point so that we understand, but no one feels personally targeted.
    I do love your pooches- I know they cannot vote, but I wish they could at least campaign in a swing state. The video had me laughing for at least a full minute till I was breathless.


  12. Posted by Lance Webster on November 2, 2012 at 06:39

    Why wouldn’t we elect Obama to a 2nd term we vote Bernie in every time take those nice dogs for a walk around Woodstock, sooner or later something is going to come out thier back side take a look at it thats what we got from our president the last four years what should we think we’ll get in a lame duck term back to my hole WC dePlume


    • Was so wondering when we might hear from WC de Plume. WEB tends to agree with all assessments. However the dogs do not belong to WEB. In fact we don’t know who they belong to. Say what you must, but WEB would not dress up her own…for fear what comes out the backend might besmirch the fashion du jour…WEB


  13. Posted by charlet davenport on November 2, 2012 at 06:51

    I am glad to see your words here Julia..I appreciate seeing the generally polite and bright way people respond to the discussion of our crucially important election on your site.. While I am at it I want to congratulate you on your excellent role playing of Jacob Collamer’s wife Mary.. You were so convincing I did not know it was you there in front ot the Collamer’s grave.


  14. Posted by VermonterforLiberty on November 2, 2012 at 07:25

    If you opposed either Bush’s War or Obama’s War, consider voting for peace:


  15. Posted by Swan on November 2, 2012 at 09:04

    although i know obama will win, i am disappointed that he has not curbed spending or brought down our defecit as he promised. everyone has there main issue, and this one is mine. i voted for him last time because he promised us to make this a priority. i realize i am a minority on this issue as its the elephant in the room whenever anything else is discussed. once our country defaults is the only time we will really see change as this will effect everyone.


    • Not so clear at all that Obama will win, and WEB appreciates the points that you make. The only elephant in the room is the un-civil elephant and that’s not you. Thanks for contributing! WEB


  16. Posted by Lance Webster on November 2, 2012 at 20:26

    One more word from the chuck Voltaire wrote ”every happens for the best in this the best of all possible worlds” Romney wins WC dePlume


  17. Posted by VermonterforLiberty on November 3, 2012 at 08:55

    Julia- I have to say when you make the comment ‘Nastiness and name-calling do nothing to advance our collective interests.” You pretty much asked for it when your headline equated a Romney victory with a “Zombie Apocalypse”.


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