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Election Day: Polls Open in Woodstock Until 7pm

Good Morning Early Birds…. Yes, it is FINALLY Election Day.

Voting began at 7:00 this morning.

The Town Hall in Woodstock will remain open for YOU and your voting until 7:00 tonight!

No excuses, people!  It’s a beautiful day, bundle up and vote.  Woodstock Early Bird did and felt that it was quite a comfortable atmosphere although DARK. Here’s why:

In order to accomodate people who were feeling crushed and not-so-private voting in the front hall of the Town Hall, the Town Clerk and others determined it would be better — roomier — and more private — to have the voting booths set up in the Town Hall Theater.

So. When you go in, be prepared for more comfortable conditions but — if low lighting affects your eyesight — bring along your READERS!  We don’t want you coloring in the wrong oval — God Forbid!

We have to say we loved the PINK glasses Municipal Clerk Mary Riley was wearing…. although we have an understanding that she is NEVER to be photographed — even rocking the pink.


Also, for the civic-minded, as usual a Town of Woodstock Selectboard meeting tonight at 7pm…Be there, because the Bird won’t be and will need Early Bird Reporters…Sewer Commissioners will be considering some “emergency” work on a water issue, we believe it is concerning an area on Elm Street.

Woodstock Early Bird will be “on hiatus” for the next two weeks — however, we are still able to provide updates to one and all if our large cadre of Woodstock Early Bird “Tipsters” are at the ready. As always: and we’ll do our best to get ‘er done — even from a remote sunny and warm location!