Election Day: Polls Open in Woodstock Until 7pm

Good Morning Early Birds…. Yes, it is FINALLY Election Day.

Voting began at 7:00 this morning.

The Town Hall in Woodstock will remain open for YOU and your voting until 7:00 tonight!

No excuses, people!  It’s a beautiful day, bundle up and vote.  Woodstock Early Bird did and felt that it was quite a comfortable atmosphere although DARK. Here’s why:

In order to accomodate people who were feeling crushed and not-so-private voting in the front hall of the Town Hall, the Town Clerk and others determined it would be better — roomier — and more private — to have the voting booths set up in the Town Hall Theater.

So. When you go in, be prepared for more comfortable conditions but — if low lighting affects your eyesight — bring along your READERS!  We don’t want you coloring in the wrong oval — God Forbid!

We have to say we loved the PINK glasses Municipal Clerk Mary Riley was wearing…. although we have an understanding that she is NEVER to be photographed — even rocking the pink.


Also, for the civic-minded, as usual a Town of Woodstock Selectboard meeting tonight at 7pm…Be there, because the Bird won’t be and will need Early Bird Reporters…Sewer Commissioners will be considering some “emergency” work on a water issue, we believe it is concerning an area on Elm Street.

Woodstock Early Bird will be “on hiatus” for the next two weeks — however, we are still able to provide updates to one and all if our large cadre of Woodstock Early Bird “Tipsters” are at the ready. As always: earlybirdtips@yahoo.com and we’ll do our best to get ‘er done — even from a remote sunny and warm location!


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  1. Posted by David Brown on November 6, 2012 at 09:14

    I complained to our Town Clerk about getting accosted by pollsters and survey-takers when first entering our polling place this morning about 8am. It seems to me that people wanting our individual attention should respect the sanctity of the event. I take the process very seriously and I don’t want to have to run a gauntlet before I have a chance to mark my ballot. Meet me outside, after I vote, if you want to lobby for my support.


    • Totally agree. The photo shows how all over the sidewalk these folks are rathering than staying at a distance. While Woodstock Early Bird supports many of the groups soliciting signatures outside the polling place, we do NOT think this is the time or place…We went to the Town Hall for some very serious business.

      We did not sign these petitions for the very reason that we feel harrassed by the solicitors – whether or not their goals are worthwhile.



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