Thanks Woodstock Farm Kennel!

Woodstock Early Bird is back at her roost after a pleasant Western expedition….ruffling the feathers a bit adjusting to the seasonal temps.

While we were gone our own fave pup-pup was cared for by Cathy and her whole family at Woodstock Farm Kennel. We just wanna’ say a public thanks!

It was like a doggie retreat for the boy — with clean, warm and safe conditions — A run, a large outdoor grassy play area, lots of treats and ball-throwing — even a photo report AND totally reasonable rates.

Woodstock Early Bird’s dog was returned in great condition, acting completely normal save for a little extra napping from all the excitement the first day home.

We are so appreciative of Woodstock Farm Kennel’s care and their advertising/sponsorship support of Woodstock Early Bird.

If you need some help with the pooch or pooches, check out

They are responsible and family-run, conveniently located just up from the Jiffy Mart/Firestone’s intersection in Quechee.

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