Turkey Trot 5K Not Just For Trotters…Walkers Welcome

This just in…We have learned that the Daily Grind will be open for coffee and beverages from 8am to 11am Thanksgiving Morning.




Back to our regularly scheduled post…For anyone just getting into town or suddenly realizing they need some exercise on Thanksgiving Day …The Zack’s Place Turkey Trot 5K is having sign-ups for those not pre-registered today from 4pm to 6pm at the Woodstock Elementary School.  The cost is now $30 for those just registering.  And a certain unicorn has informed us that we don’t need to run or even trot. If we’d just like to mosey along in our usual style, that is just fine, too.

The race goes off tomorrow at 10am from the Woodstock Elementary School and ends up at the Woodstock Elementary School on South Street adjacent to the Woodstock Inn.

Those pre-registered may check in from 8:00-9:30am — That is also a time for last-minute up-and-at-’em’s in their sweats to register and then get out there and um, you know, welcome the day!  Race organizers say NO LATE ARRIVALS.

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