Start Me Up: “Automatic Rooster” with Jack Snyder Plays Zack Trot

Happy Thanksgiving Early Birds!  So far the prepped turkey has eluded capture by the dog, we are feeling very grateful this morning….

We’ve just done a cursory tour of the Village….A beautiful CRISP sunny morning. We see that the Zack’s Place 5K Turkey Trot folks are setting up outside the Woodstock Elementary School on South Street and we have learned…Woo-Hoo…wait for it:

Band Camp begins at 8:45am!

That is to say a locally FABULOUS band called “Automatic Rooster”  begins playing at 8:45am  to get everyone all revved up for the holiday trot/walk and we assume they will be on hand to welcome those at the finish.

So, even if you are not actually participating in the event, for God’s Sake, please get out of the house for awhile!

We know that not everyone is actually making dinner, so please grab a coffee (and the kids?) and head on down to South Street for some kick-ass (oops, did we say that?) music.  A locally known Barnard-ite, John Snyder,  is a member of “Automatic Rooster” and his son Jack Snyder will also be accompanying the group.

Party On! Get your pre-table yah-yah’s out….and Happy Thanksgiving!

(The Trot begins at 10am. For $30 you can still register (it’s a fundraiser) to run, trot or walk…)

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