Down to the Fiber-Optic “Wire” ….

An update on fundraising from ECFiber, the independent group seeking to raise enough funds to make a Norman Williams Public Library fiber-optic hub viable and that might eventually extend fiber-optic connectivity to the community. We got this note from Dave Brown a few days ago. It’s down to the wire in terms of meeting the December 3rd goal:

During the week ending November 24th, ECFiber has received pledges to purchase promissory notes totalling $57,500. This will be matched by our benefactors, putting us $115,000 closer to our goal.

If you are a prospective investor, or know someone who might invest in ECFiber to bring high speed fiber-optic Internet service to the library, please contact John Roy, ECFiber Treasurer by calling (802) 763-2262.

December 3rd is a hard end date for the Woodstock Capital Campaign so please act soon!

The goal is 400K.

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  1. Posted by L.H. Russell on November 26, 2012 at 13:30

    Could we be reminded of what the total fund-raising goal is?


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