Trees, Films, Mushrooms and Mahi

Nic Film FestivalIt’s a busy weekend in Woodstock if you wish to partake…Just a few items of note…

We see that Woodstock Rotary has set up its annual Christmas Tree Sale area outside the Masonic Temple on Pleasant Street so have it — they’re selling today and through the weekend.  Lots of folks on hand to help with a little trimming and wrapping and placement of tree into or on the vehicle. Always a cheerful good time.

You’ll note the poster here for a special Woodstock-Nicaragua film screening from 12-2pm tomorrow, Saturday, at the Town Hall, of student films. An interesting idea of the kids  sharing their lives with Central Americans using the documentary film form. We note this might be of interest to those who are NOT into the holiday spirit, since this is an event that has no ties that we can tell to “HOLIDAY” selling, buying, decorating or joyously singing and lighting up things.

However, for those who ARE looking for “the spirit” in music, the Freelance Family Singers and the University Chorus are at the Congregational Church with two concerts this weekend– one tomorrow at 7pm and one at 3pm on Sunday. The performance is free with a suggested donation to the Community Food Shelf. Ellen Satterwaite conducts.

We stopped into the “United Marketplace” which is a tiny space tucked in down the hall from Pizza Chef and see there are some cool crafts there made by local folks — worth a 10 minute poke around — to find something unusual for friend or family. We were kinda’ blown-away by these mushroom terrarium things  created by David Schaub that can be a source of grow-your-own edible schrooms. We also loved the boxes made by SwallowTail Woodworks; Very funky and up-to-date clutch bags in bright graphic prints are also for sale, created by Kimberly DiNofrio.

The hours of the shop are Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-6, and Monday – Friday 12-6 staffed by volunteers.  The space is not that plush and a bit cramped, very not fancy, a bit, shall we say, off-putting, so be prepared for that, but upon closer inspection the wares are super cool and worthwhile and made by your neighbors. Jam and jellies, yum, too.

Speaking of neighbors….Bridgewater’s Premier Furniture Maker and Potters, ShackletonThomas having their annual holiday Open House tomorrow, Saturday from 3pm-6pm.

We might add that if you’re hungry and in the Bridgewater area, call ahead of just stop in to Chef Brad’s Crazy Side on Rt. 100A just down from the Bridgewater Store at Rt. 4. He will be creating his take-out feastables from 5pm to 9pm. Included on his menu this Friday, Saturday and Sunday : Grilled Mahi Mahi with Coconut Cilantro Sauce, Roasted Cauliflower, Mashed Potato for $16, Grilled Shrimp with Tomato Tarragon Grill Sauce for $7.  Brad says you can call ahead at 672-1909 or just, you know, show up between 5pm and 9pm. Delivery to your vehicle after you order…Nothing like sitting in the middle of 100A on a cold November night enjoying some delish food from a funky beach hut. Whatevs, right? We’ll take it.

See you out there and bundle up, eh? The National Weather Service reports that the low temperature for the State of Vermont last night was a whopping -7F in Averill, northeast corner of the State.

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  1. Posted by Fran Gillett on November 30, 2012 at 13:30

    HEY !!! How about a plug for the Annual Cookie Walk and Holiday Bazaar at the Senior Center. It is one of our two Fund Raisers for the year and deserves the Early Bird’s attention.


    • Hey! Thanks for the heads-up. WEB was collating info from the “” “In” box from folks who sent out announcements. Glad you chimed in. WEB

      (Just for the record, Woodstock Early Bird does not necessarily promote everything that comes in, no matter how worthy…We try for a balanced mix of news, opinion and general events. What gets posted, is — as always — what “piques” WEB”s interest for any number of purely personal reasons. Everyone has the very thorough Vermont Standard Calendar of Events for general listings.)


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