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Trustees @ 7pm: Use or Abuse of Village Green? PD Report and Noise

Village Green 1Woodstock Early Birds might be forgiven for not always knowing what is on the agenda of various Village and Town meetings because, to date, there is no consistent requirement for reporting such public information on the Municipal website. Sometimes the information is available, sometimes it’s not. So, this afternoon, thanks to Village Trustee Bob Pear, we’ll list for you below the agenda items.

Plenty of topics of interest including various discussions about uses of the Village Green. We’ll take that one since we have been walking, enjoying and observing the Village Green now for about 20 years:

Woodstock Early Bird thinks there is getting to be more and more abuse of the Village Green combined with inadequate restoration and upkeep even as Trustees consider even more commercial activities on its grounds.

What we’re referring to is the actual physical state of the grass and grounds. Trustees virtually say “yes” to every activity presented for use with the result that at the end of this past summer and fall, for example, the Green was virtually devoid of grass and turning into a dirt and sand rutted desert. In addition, The Village Green is barely level or walkable beyond its paths because it still has not “recovered” from the careless deep plowing and backho’ing of several winters ago.

While so many “good” activities from a commercial and community standpoint take place on The Green, the Village is in danger of losing the jewel in its crown from overuse and abuse. And, yup, it’s the economy stupid. Has every Village Trustee (or Chamber of Commerce member) read even excerpts of Woodstock native George Perkins Marsh’s “Man and Nature”? If they have, they might get the connection from history (including Vermont history) that if one destroys the land, one may well end up destroying the economy.

Village Green 3

To the present: We think anyone who uses the word “sustainability” in this town should step up to the plate and ask the Village Trustees to protect the Village Green each and every time they say “yes” to another event taking place there. If the Green is destroyed or ruined through over-use is there is a plan and fund for restoration?

Did you know Village Trustees are considering putting the Antique Car show back on the grass? Really? Let’s just drive all over the Green.

We think that those who spend time planting symbolic trees at the snow dump might better put their energies in re-seeding grass or planting trees in a park that already exists and where the trees have a chance at living. People interested in sustainability should ask for it weekly by attending every Trustee and Conservation Committee meeting and demanding for protection of what exists right now. Without it, we’re going to be enjoying a big brown mud pit or dust bowl depending on the time of year. Is that what we want? How is that going to look from The Woodstock Inn?

Here is what is on the agenda for the Village Trustees meeting tonight 7:00 at the Woodstock Town Hall:

1 Call to Order
2 Citizen Comments
3 Requests for Permits

Covered Bridges Half Marathon
Special Olympics – Use of the Green and Parade of Athletes

4 Village Police Chief Report
5 Village Managers Financial Report
6 Relocation of Snow Dump Report
7 Revision of Village Ordinance for Use of Green
8 River Street Retaining Wall
9 Name for Street in front of St. James
10 Schedule Audit Review
11 Meet with Investment Consultant
12 Planning Commission Request for Additional Outdoor Sales
13 Public Hearing for Zoning Change
14 Truck Lobby
15 Noise Committee Report