Gov. Shumlin to Attend Quechee Reopening Today: Really!

Okay, Woodstock Early Birds, we have it from our own sources that, for real, the Quechee Bridge is set to re-open today. Two sources actually, including the Governor’s office. Here’s the deal: Apparently @10am, Governor Shumlin will make remarks about Irene, the devastation, the hope, the bridge, etc. and will then “escort” walkers across the bridge. We are informed that you don’t need no stinkin’ roof over the bridge to be able to use it — that is gonna’ take a lot more time. However, the bridge bed will be okay for vehicular traffic. Now, this is what we’re being told. Since WEB already got bit by one snake, we’re not goin’ out over the Ottauquechee with this info. But, there you have it. Governor. Bridge. Quechee. 10am.

Again, WEB will not be able to verify due to having to work at another job site, as it were. However, we would WELCOME documentation from Woodstock Early Birds who might wish to attend and send us a pic!

Oh, also, the National Weather Service has a forecast of more snowfall in the Killington/Rutland area this afternoon. Windsor County itself does not seem to be included in the Winter Storm Warning, but we know there are pockets along Route 4 and elsewhere that will certainly see some flakes.

Carry on!

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