Quechee Bridge Ceremony Details

Quechee Covered Bridge Opening Ceremony

* The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will take place on the Waterman Hill side of the Quechee Bridge.

* Parking will be on the Quechee Main Street side of the Bridge behind the Red Barn. (Past Simon Pearce and the Parker House on your left)

* Please arrive by 9:30 and park behind the red barn. Check in at the area of the old parking lot on the Quechee Main St side of the bridge.

* The HPD SUV and a HFD SUV or truck will be positioned to drive
through the bridge from the Q Main St side to the Waterman Hill side.

* Governor Shumlin, the Town Manager, members of the Selectboard, and VIP guests will assemble on the left corner area (of the Quechee Main Street Side) of the bridge for remarks.

* After the Governor’s remarks we will string a ribbon across the front of the bridge. The Town Manager will ask everyone to get ready and then declare the bridge open to traffic with the cutting of the ribbon.

* A Police Cruiser, Fire SUV, Fire Truck and Department of Public Works Vehicle will proceed across the bridge.

* Witnesses and other VIPs will be invited to walk across the bridge
behind the vehicles.

* We hope to see you there!

Please note the pedestrian sidewalk on the bridge is NOT open yet! Foot traffic will cross the bridge in the traffic lanes.

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