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New Singleton’s to Open in February

Singleton'sWe stopped in to the new Singleton’s Market to see how things are going and to find out when the new Quechee store would be opening….Tom Singleton informs Woodstock Early Bird that the new grocery and outdoor sporting and camping goods store should have its “Grand Opening” in February.

Right now the carpenters are working on doors and shelving in a very large space,  but Tom pointed out the outdoor smokehouse is all finished and ready to go. Singletons, which has been a family business in Proctorsville for the past 33 years, has been known for its smoked meats, fish, sausages, etc. and they plan to have that kind of operation going in Quechee.

The store will also sell regular groceries from the Quik-Mart to the Gourmet variety — something for every sector of Quechee’s busy local and visiting populace.  Singleton says it will be a full-service grocery, aka what we all know as an old-school “General Store.”  They also will have a small deli counter to sell their smoked meats and they’ll be getting in fresh fish, too with other items coming in from companies like Provisions.

For local and visiting sportsmen and sportswomen, they’ll also be featuring a full line of Car-hartt clothing, rugged boots, fishing poles and other outdoor equipment. We’re getting the idea this may be a local version of our fave neighbor up the Pike, Farm-Way — ‘cept we won’t have to drive an hour to stock up on some good products.

The General Store will also feature hunting knives and all manner of useful equipment. However, due to there being a gun store in close proximity, Singleton says they will not be selling rifles and such since they don’t want to hurt neighboring businesses.

Singleton’s daughter will be managing the store once it opens and she’ll be in charge of working with a women’s clothing department, too. We hear that sandwiches might also be available, although Tom did not confirm that in our visit yesterday.

For those who have been wondering about the new construction project across the Route 4  from the Singleton’s project, our sources tell us that will be a Jake’s store without the gas pumps. More on that soon. Traffic may also start to get a little knarly in the area, but hey…we are on-board with new options for groceries, sandwiches and good outdoor gear!