Progress On New Snow Dump Deal

While we don’t have any details for you yet, we can report that Village Trustees met in “Executive Session” last night to review some language offered by the Woodstock Foundation, as presented to Town Manager Phil Swanson by Woodstock Resort CEO Werner Graef, concerning terms for sale of Woodstock Foundation land to the Village that might be re-configured for use as a new snow dump.

Currently the Village of Woodstock dumps street-plowed snow on land by the Ottauquechee River behind the East End area known as “The Jungle.” Both for environmental and aesthetic reasons, Trustees would like to see that snow dump area moved with less environmental impacts, perhaps leaving the vacated “snow dump” river bank for re-creation as a Village Park.

There is a potential area of land behind Woodstock Recycling, owned by the Woodstock Foundation, being considered. However, the Woodstock Foundation, has set some terms before making a sale, including a requirement of a system that would reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts on fields and crops in a lower level flood plain area. A cachement system has been developed by Otter Creek Engineering which is currently under review by both parties to the potential sale.

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