Teachers Getting Notices

Windsor Central Supervisory Union Superintendent Alice Worth has confirmed when asked by Woodstock Early Bird that some teachers at Woodstock Union Middle and High School are being informed they will be part of “reductions in force” as of July 1st, 2013.

She said this morning the layoffs are “purely budgetary” and have to do with the Fiscal 2014 budget which is to be discussed at a School Board meeting this Wednesday evening at 7pm.

Keri Bristow, who is now head of the WUHSMS Education Association, described the RIFs as “widespread job losses, full and partial positions.”

She added, in a query response to Woodstock Early Bird, “We certainly, as a staff, wish the School Board had considered early retirement incentives which would be financially advantageous to all parties, certainly could have resulted in greater savings if enough staff took the option, and would be far less demoralizing.”

We have no further details, although sources suggest that in addition to the cutting of full-time positions some teachers may see the need to leave jobs reduced to less than fulltime since they may not be able to afford continuing to teach at that pay level.

Worth suggested anyone interested in this news attend this week’s meeting.

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