Teachers’ Union: 12 People Affected by Cuts, Savings $325K

WUHSMS Teachers’ Rep Keri Bristow says the School Board was informed yesterday of the planned cuts as first reported here at Woodstock Early Bird and that the positions cut can now be shared with the public. In all there are 6.9 FTE positions concerned, affecting a total of 12 people, according to Bristow.

(Reminder, the Fiscal 2014 Budget is up for discussion by the School Board Wednesday @7pm. The public is welcome to attend. Meetings are usually held in WUMS Library)

List of Positions Being Cut:

(Some of these cuts are for people already in PT positions, while some are reducing existing FT positions to PT/While most job losses are for younger staffers, some “veterans” are also losing their jobs):

HS Spanish: .8 position
MS English/Social Studies: .4 position
MS Physical Education: .4 position
Family/Consumer Science: 2 paraprofessional positions
HS Math: 1 position
Technology: .2 position
Special Education: .4 position
Counseling: .5 position
Art: 1 position

Computers: Proposed cuts for upperclassmen computer funding

From Bristow, representing the teachers:

“The faculty and staff understand the reasons for the cuts. We fully acknowledge the falling enrollment, the rising costs of healthcare, the modest salary increase in the yet to be put in place new contract.

What we don’t understand is the approach to the cuts. In past years when large cuts were being discussed, the School Board worked with the teachers to propose an early retirement option which helped immensely in saving younger teachers’ positions. There are many long-term faculty in the high school/middle school and this seems to us a humane, win-win way to resolve the budget cuts.

We encourage the School Board to open discussions with the faculty to make a proposal that would allow veteran teachers to consider retiring early.

We hope that the $325,00 can be found in this way. No doubt there will still be some positions cut, but we feel that the School Board, administration and teachers would all gain from this kind of compassionate, forward-thinking budget cutting. We hope to begin this conversation at next Wednesday’s board meeting.”

Bristow added this information: No cuts are included in this scenario for administration, transportation, athletics or building and grounds. When department budgets were prepared earlier this fall, program budgets were level funded for the most part.

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  1. I have no data to support my feeling, but it seems to me that our high school has become “adminsitration heavy” since my first child graduated about 20 years ago.

    As a local high-tech employer, I am keenly aware of the lack of preparedness coming out of our high schools and colleges.

    So it pains me to see these cuts to what might be critical educational functions of the school while administration, transportation, athletic, and building and grounds expenditures are preserved.

    I’m anxious to see hard data supporting these reductions in force.


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