Town Selectboard Meeting Tonight

Woodstock Town Selectboard meets tonight at the Town Hall at 7pm. Coupla’ items that may be of interest:

Public Hearing:

1. Discontinuation of the Holt Iron Bridge (This was, um, swept away or some might say crushed and mangled and thrown up on the Ottauquechee Bank by Tropical Storm Irene flooding. There were or was FEMA monies for this bridge. However, in the past, there has been discussion about using those monies for other flood-related projects and not re-building the bridge.)

2. Discontinuation of Stimetz Road

Also, a review of the Police Contract with the Village. This topic was reviewed by the Village Trustees last week. It came up but was discussed no further that currently what the Town pays to the Village for contracted services is based on a budget figure rather than an actual figure. So, if money were either owed back to the Village or to the Town based on hours, that is not currently happening. There has also been some discussion among Trustees about accounting changes to better reflect for the public the nature of the “sharing” or “contracting out” of police services between the two entities.

The Board of Sewer Commissioners also meets — one of Woodstock Early Bird’s fave committees. No end of chortling over “muffin monsters” and the like. No chortling matter if our pipes and fixtures aren’t working. Very serious, people, very. We think there should be special Sewer Commissioner hats (it’s actually the same people who represent you on the Town Selectboard).

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