Early Birds: Fluff Up -14 in Woodstock Village

The National Weather Service has our wind chill warning up until 1pm this afternoon and is also warning of ice jams which could cause some river back-ups and, you know, pesky ‘overflow” issues.

Our WoodstockGov Tweetr (we suspect Dave Green) is suggesting that if you have older folks – friends, relatives — living by themselves in their own homes, to give them a check-in to see if there are any heating or warmth issues. Woodstock’s Tweetr suggests you’ll be glad you did (check in).

Did we mention the National Weather Service reading is -14 degree Farenheit? That is not wind chill which,um, let’s not even get into here. We can report firsthand that yes, the snow squeaks at these sub-zero temperatures. Dogs need booties if you are planning any Iditarod activities.

Fluffing up and hunkering down. Reminds Woodstock Early Bird of the early days in Northern New York, in a place known by her Mom as simply “The Tundra.”

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