Hartland Diner On The Way…Stella’s Moving On

StellasWe have special not-so-insider info that Stella’s in Hartland will be moving along as Jon and Stacey Capurso are buying The Windsor Station restaurant.Which means…those Hartland folks will soon be out of the breakfast/lunch biz.

That’s not really the news.

What is the NEWS is:  We hear that yes, you will still be able to get breakfast and lunch at Stella’s but it won’t be Stella’s..a few changes on the horizon including OMG, breakfast all day long at a soon-to-open “Hartland Diner”.  Same bat cave and all (at the Hartland intersection next to the Post Office) but earlier hours.

An old family member by the name of Kim Sweeney (of the Hartland Ashline’s) will be cooking up the standards for you just the way her Mom used to do. Nice to have the family back in place with new ownership being worked out as we speak involving a certain Woodstock Early Bird, chronic parking offender, wearer of the pink and princess tiaras and known for her former ownership of a lately expired wandering pig-not-boar. Said person (we now reveal is Nicole Bartner of Hartland) ran the Woodstock Farmers’ Market Deli Department, has served at The WASP and many years ago ran a Cafe in Ithaca, New York. Knows how to get ‘er done. Likes to have things professional but ALWAYS open to some good gossip over hearty, fresh food. ALWAYS.

“BREAKFAST ALL FREAKIN’ DAY LONG,” says the Hartland resident of her intent to become proprietess and re-open the restaurant in April.

So the plan is: Kim on Grill, Nicole on Counter. And, we hear, some VERY familiar servers, well-known to Woodstock Early Birds.

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  1. Posted by Paula vivian on February 1, 2013 at 17:58

    I received a gift cetificate for Stella’s on Christmas..will I beable to still use it at the new restaurant?


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