Nachos! Back at Bentley’s Tonight!

nachosPeople, the news is nachos!

Apparently this is BIG NEWS at Bentley’s as they haven’t offered them on the menu in quite awhile. The old diehards have been wanting their nachos back and tonight, they are on the “Specials” menu. Why, Woodstock Early Bird couldn’t step in the door two feet before THREE people announced the NEWS.

We found “Legendary Local”-  stylist to the stars of Woodstock — Brenda Blakeman about to dig in to a fresh plate of chili nachos with a glass of red wine. We also spied several well-known Woodstockers “In the House” so come on out…it’s a good time!

(PS We have to acknowledge that Brenda has shared said Nachos with Early Bird…so we must get back to enjoying them purely as a way to assist Brenda)

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  1. Posted by Francis Devlin on February 1, 2013 at 20:39

    Wow! This in journalism in real time I was having dinner just down the bar and saw the shot being taken…I mean the picture not the drink. Busy winter night at Bentlys good crowd, good looking people, lots of laughter. We should wish Nikki good luck.
    Woodstock Early Bird is great contribution to Woodstock.
    Francis Devlin


  2. Posted by John GF Ruggieri - Lam on February 2, 2013 at 08:10

    Always a fun place to be, and the food is teriffic. I am getting the nachos next time!!!!


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