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Morning Joe Takes Nice Vermont Pics!


Photo Credit: Joe Scarborough

Woodstock Early Birds…Twitterfest here!!!

One of THE premier Early Birds in the country, “Morning Joe” Scarborough, conservative and reasonable politician, punditer and host of the MSNBC show of which we are fans, also has another talent: Photographer! Does he not take a beautiful winter shot?

Woodstock Early Birds who watched the MSNBC show this morning tipped us off to the fact Florida Joe was sharing tales of his weekend in Woodstock and South Woodstock and posted some of his “scenes of Vermont” on his Twitter feed. In addition to spending a bit of time in South Woodstock, he and the kids apparently had a fine old time at Suicide Six, too.

Good job all you hospitality types! Love when we get the winter visitors and or the weather refugees from “down south.”

Hey, Joe, could you share with Mitt how to be a grateful guest and toss a friendly bone to the locals? We always appreciate the props…what small town doesn’t when someone of note passes through?! #mittsmanners