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Fiber-Optic: Need Pre-Subscribers

From Dave Brown, who is the Woodstock representative to the East Central Vermont Fiber Network, from which we have heard much and even trumpeted the news of a planned fiber-optic hub from the Norman Williams Public Library which did not happen. However, still some apparent progress in getting a fiber-optic network going here — that is IN THE VILLAGE OF WOODSTOCK. How hard can this be? We no longer see our friends who are connected in the boonies and it’s just plain embarrassing that we (that is the Village of Woodstock) offer stellar accommodations and tourist activities, even business retreats without the very necessary connectivity that might even help to bolster our economy.   Also, recently ECFiber surveyed Woodstock residents to find out where fiber optic lines should go. Our response was REALLY? We thought it all made sense: Central Village HUB.  #scratchingbrokenrecord: 

This is a report from Dave on last night’s ECFiber meeting:

At a meeting of the ECFiber Governing Board last night, delegates from the 23 member towns voted unanimously to endorse the creation of a Charter Subscriber Campaign which will bring high-speed fiber to Woodstock.

On December 4th of last year, Woodstock residents invested $165,000 in ECFiber specifically for this purpose. That money will buy about 6 miles of installed fiber for Woodstock.

Although ECFiber has over 300 subscribers in surrounding towns, they need 6-9 months to complete the permitting necessary to bring high-speed fiber-optic service to Woodstock.  Charter Subscribers can lock in the monthly rate by paying for the first month of ECFiber service ($94) right now.

ECFiber does not require a contract of any kind. Subscribers can upgrade or downgrade their service at any time without penalty.  Unlike other telecom providers, ECFiber is a non-profit municipal entity owned in part by the Town of Woodstock, so monthly subscription fees are likely to go down over time as the network is completed and paid for. Eventually, excess cash will be paid to the member towns, or used to further reduce monthly rates.

This week the ECFiber route selection team are in Woodstock surveying the routes and compiling an inventory of affected poles.

This work is due to be completed by the end of the month.

The Charter Subscriber Campaign will officially launch on Saturday, March 2nd, at Woodstock Town Meeting.