Sculpture, Poetry and Crafts in Woodstock Today

snow tools 2


Good Morning, Early Birds! We can’t wait to go out and see how the snow sculptures turned out that were being created on the Village Green yesterday. Check those out if you are out walking around. Also, starting at 11am today, some 12 arts and crafts people will be exhibiting and selling their wares at the Little Theater. Reception around 5pm and they’ll be going until 6p. We also have a note from the Norman Williams Public Library of some activity there as well:

Come in, warm up, and enjoy an afternoon of poetry and art!

At 3:30 pm, Hudson Valley poet, Anthony Bernini, reads from his works,
highlighting the links between our planet and others, between art and life,
between the public and the private.

At 5pm, warm up with hot cider as we showcase local community artists with 2 dimensional exhibits, “Flurry: Art that Celebrates Winter”

No weather bulletins for you as it appears from the National Weather Service that any storminess is going to be in Southern New England rather than here…So, if you are heading “south”, snow is in the forecast, etc.  Here are some photos of the snow sculpture activities yesterday taken by Wayne Thompson:

snow tools

snow tools 3


Disclaimer note/Confession: Woodstock Early Bird was “busted” as one of the dogs in her care did the “unthinkable” and peed on the corner of a snow sculpture. We apologize for this indiscretion and will work to keep said dog’s marking activities to more appropriate” fire hydrants.”  For the record, this was not WEB’s dog but one who already has an extensive police record…We’re hoping that the court pee diversion program will set him on a more respectful path.

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