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Got Voice? Love Singing But Partner Wants You Out of Shower and Kitchen?

Woodstock Early Birds who sing like birds — and even those who don’t so much — and especially those whose shower and kitchen chirping needs focus — are invited  to join the Freelance Family Singers, starting tonight for practice.

Practice makes perfect, d’ears. All for the big event: The 35th Anniversary Spring Concert!

Freelance Family Singers
Open to singers of all ages and abilities
This is the Freelance 35th Anniversary Spring Concert.

Rehearsals are Tuesdays from 7-9pm.

First rehearsal Feb. 19th at Congregational Church.

Former Freelancers are invited to join to perform the song “Simple Gifts”.  ( Hmm, this sounds like a code for something…what about not-so-former-Freelancers, what do THEY sing?)

For more Information Contact Ellen 457-3980