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Flock1A bit of a flamingo flock folo-up…As many of you already know and as Woodstock Early Bird has finally discovered, the moving flock ‘o flamingos is a moving fundraiser for the Woodstock Union High School Varsity Girls Hockey Team. A worthy cause indeed.

We wish we could leave it at that, but we’d like to ask a few questions. First, we understand that already parents of girls wanting to participate in this sport are asked for a “donation” of $800 — to cover rink time, equipment and so forth. And now, the need for an additional fundraiser? Where is the Title IX funding from the school (and taxpayers) for this worthy Vermont women’s sport? Going to the Football team? Do other public school sponsored sports require such great financial contributions from participants families? Still? In the 21st century? Something to think about the next time public athletic funding crosses our desks.


We also understand that because some families are not able to pay up the $800 “donation, ” hockey practices have had to be curtailed — Not as many practices mean a team not as physically prepared for the rigors of an often contact sport (even if that contact is simply with the ice). Injuries abound (there have a been a couple of note this season alone) and potential liability costs are raised. Not such a good situation for our women athletes nor for the school district.


Next. A broader subject but still one concerning funding. Kindly, the fundraisers for the ice hockey team are offering to donate a portion of proceeds to help support research to reduce the incidence of breast cancer. Also, a worthy cause.

As Woodstock Early Bird has already written in the past, we lost our Mom to breast cancer many years ago. We know what it does and how fast. We get why this is an important cause. Nonetheless, we do not support funds being given to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This foundation, so culturally entrenched now, has been mired in the ill-effects of their own making — poor financial decision-making and entry into politics which have nothing to do with breast cancer. We would point to grossly out of line executive foundation salaries (documented ad nauseam over the past couple of years in the mainstream press) and the foundation’s attempted reduction in contributions to Planned Parenthood, an important health-care provider to many poor and middle-class women who might often have a lump discovered by a doctor during a routine visit.

We would suggest the women’s hockey team make a contribution to a cause, a foundation that can prove the majority of its funds actually go to scientific breast cancer research efforts and not to party-planners of pink-ribbon events.

Keep the pink on the flamingos and off our boobs.


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  1. Posted by Perrin Worrell on February 22, 2013 at 12:30

    “Going to the Football team?” Do you honestly think all of the Title IX funding is going to the football team? I would recommend that you call the athletic director for answers to your questions. I feel pretty confident that the distribution of funds is considered very carfully by all parties. I also might add that the Gridiron club does quite a bit of fundraising to support the football progam as well.


  2. Posted by Lance Webster on February 22, 2013 at 15:46

    Well Perrin do you honestly think the football team wouldn’t be vilified at any chance available I’m sure the WEB knows that title 9 takes from football not the other way around I hope when Coach Worrell starts his first season he will know that his supporters have lived in the woods way to long to be afraid of a Hoot Owl WCdePlume


    • Seems folks are a bit touchy about football…Your sensitivity is your own, not coming from any “out to get football” position here.

      All we know is, from a recent School Board meeting review of budget items, that football does get the most money budgeted of all sports programs at the high school. It’s a simple fact. Which begs the question of whether other sports programs — including varsity girls ice hockey — are getting what they need to have equally successful programs — providing adequate practice, coaching, gear, games and so forth.

      You say, “Title 9 takes from football…” Hmmm. Seems that statement shows an alarming attitude. This is the law: Federal dollars given to schools are supposed to be equally distributed in order to prevent discrimination. Which is why we ask about it.
      Title 9 does not take from football — funds are supposed to be allocated equally and in a non-discriminatory fashion. That’s it.

      It seems as if, in a more “perfect” world (yours?), football would get all the federal dollars and all other athletes, male or female, would just have to be side-lined as it used to be “in the good old days.” Wonder how many girls ice hockey, girls soccer, girls field hockey players today would rather just cheer on the boys from the sidelines rather than reaching their own physical/athletic goals and successes.

      We (Hoot Owl) know WUHS has a great football program, we would just like to be assured that WUHS ALSO has a great, fully-funded, safe girls hockey program, too. Is that too much to ask?


  3. Posted by s h on February 23, 2013 at 10:57

    i assume the parents of the football players also make an equal or larger contribution . If not seems like one might question re discriminstion?


  4. Posted by Lance Webster on February 23, 2013 at 15:41

    one more time title 9 takes from football title 9 came about in sports because college basketball and football were making huge sums of money now bacuse of title 9 they have to share the wealth and do so i’m sure with out a single thank you It does not have to be federal dollars any revenues TV Radio Sponsors etc so for the WEB to pit girls against the boys I think serves no one WCdePlume


  5. Here!Here!


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