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Nacho “Fail”


Woodstock Early Bird has promised the above couple a plate of Bentley’s nachos after they visited the bar last night with the expectation of ordering this famous Bentley’s appetizer dish.

We had trumpeted that nachos were back on the menu, not realizing until later that nachos are only a random “special” these days. We inquired what was going on, on behalf of this couple who originally claimed they had driven all the way from Burlington for nachos. They said they had read about nachos on Woodstock Early Bird and wanted “in”.

We are told, especially on busy nights, that Bentley’s oven space needs to be used for full entree prep, not oven melted cheese over crispy tortilla chips.

So. We apologize for leading anyone astray on this important piece of information and thank this “visiting” couple for their understanding.

We would also add that a restaurant/bar can’t stay in business with proceeds on a small plate of chips and chili. We understand. Nonetheless, if you have a local following for certain bar-related reasons….