Phlox Clothing Store Moving to Aubergine Space

Just a heads-up to “watch that space” — Sheri Bishop’s PHLOX Clothing Store appears to be following Aubergine around Woodstock Village.

PHLOX, which took over the Aubergine space “under” Bentley’s  is now moving this week over to where Aubergine has been of late in the Bourdon Building.  (That’s the store front space on Elm Street in front of The Prince and The Pauper Restaurant).

We’ll give you a photo of the new space when  all is arranged and we hear there might even be a re-opening reception!

Sheri’s got comfy, creative, cheerful clothing and jewelry but just hasn’t been able to draw as many people down those stairs under Bentley’s. She’s hoping the new airier space (with those big windows) will help draw people in.  Bishop says she’s hoping to open the new PHLOX on March 1st.

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