ArtisTree Moving To Create South Pomfret Barn Center

ArtisTree Community Arts Center Plans to

Put Roots Down in Pomfret

Woodstock, VT – February 11th, 2013 – ArtisTree is proud to announce their pending move to Pomfret in 2014. With plans, permits and contractors now in place, ArtisTree will begin the renovation of the former MIT retreat property on Pomfret Road, located behind Teago General Store, next to the Pomfret library.

ArtisTree’s growth and community support has continuously gained ground over the last few years allowing the organization to look ahead and plan for a larger and more diverse facility to accommodate the growing interests of the community. The new building, located only 2 miles from their current location on Route 12, will house a variety of new spaces including a clay studio, a new gallery, expressive arts therapy offices, two fine art studios, new children’s education spaces and a dedicated movement studio – as well as a new music performance space with a stage and seating for over eighty.

“Our new location is an affirmation of the community’s enthusiasm to support and take part in arts based programs.” Said Kathleen Dolan, Owner and Executive Director of ArtisTree/Purple Crayon. “If it were not for a an almost 10 year history of a growing interest in our programs from the people around us, we would not have envisioned this new facility. It will be the first time we have operated out of our own space, and the first time this community can enjoy an environment that is designed specifically for visual art, music, dance and other art forms.”

ArtisTree’s mission will remain the same, and aims to provide Woodstock and surrounding areas with art, movement, exhibits and music experiences for all ages and abilities in a familiar, comfortable and accessible location.

Construction at the new location will begin in April of 2013 and includes the full renovation of the historic barn on the property, with only minor changes to the existing farmhouse. The barn will be the future home of the Community Arts Centers’ classes, workshops and performances while the farmhouse will provide a new space for ArtisTree’s Art Gallery on the first floor, with expressive art therapy offices upstairs.

“We now have key zoning and permit approvals and have hired a construction manager.” Said George Turner, ArtisTree’s architect from River Town Design. “We are hoping to start construction later this spring or early summer and open up the new facility this time next year.”

With this exciting news, ArtiTree invites you to view the plans and videos of the construction on their YouTube site, accessible through ArtisTree’s website, as early as April of this year. In the meantime, if there are any questions or concerns regarding their move, the new building, or their future plans; please feel free to contact the Director, Tayo Skarrow or the Owner/Executive Director, Kathleen Dolan.


ArtisTree Community Arts Center & Purple Crayon Productions are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations; together they offer art and music education for all ages and abilities. Their mission is to provide the town of Woodstock and surrounding communities with a place to enjoy and participate in a wide variety of art processes. Learn more:, 802-457-3500,



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