Hartford/Quechee Town Meeting Update

This report from Selectman F.X. Flinn:

Here are the preliminary results for the election held today. About 1660 citizens voted, up nearly 700 from 2011, the last time we had a town meeting election without a presidential primary. Last year 2010 voters came to the polls.

Both budgets passed.

Kevin Christie and Lori Dickerson return to the School Board in uncontested races.

Ken Parker and Alex DeFelice retain their seats on the Selectboard; Chuck Wooster rejoins the Selectboard replacing Sonia Knight, who did not run.

Both Hartford Improvement Bonds passed.

The Charter change around the local option tax was defeated.

All the charitable appropriations passed.

Micheal Kainen returns as Town Moderator and School District Moderator in uncontested races.

Next up in the 2013 Town Meeting Cycle: Annual Floor Meeting on Saturday morning April 6 at HHS. This is the meeting where the salaries of the school board and selectboard are set, and, if budgets are defeated, they would be set. The boards and town meeting committee will be looking to offer some presentations and discussion to make this worth attending, so stay tuned.

The Town & School Meeting Committee is going to be picking up the March 5 signs this week. If you pick one up please drop it off at the Municipal Building or call me to arrange a pickup.

If you see Sandy Mariotti, Mark Donka, Matt Bucy or Karen Ganey be sure to thank them for putting themselves out there as candidates.

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