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Barnard: Mardi Gras Jazz and Funk Tonight!

BarnArts Winter Music  Carnival Jazz and Funk, Mardi Gras and What The Heck: St. Paddy’s Day all rolled into one: Tonight. Now. From 6pm to Midnight.

Where: Barnard Town Hall

Dress: Dressed (Non-optional), Masked and Costumed (Optional)

Cost: $15  adults $5 Students

How often do we get FUNKY here in the Upper Valley? Hmmm….

Support your local musicians — They LOVE performing!


P.S. Get rid of “Ides of March” Blues. Ides, BTW, made famous by the, er, murder of  Julius Caesar, The Roman. Also phrase made famous by The Bard: “Beware the Ides of March…” because, you know, what happened to ole JC.

(A Woodstock Early Bird asked if we might research this particular factoid)