Village Meeting AS SCHEDULED Tuesday, March 19th 7:30pm

Woodstock Early Bird wondered whether, due to forecast “inclement” weather, if Woodstock’s Annual Village Meeting might be postponed or re-scheduled. The answer is NO. The meeting will go on as scheduled — snow or no snow.

Town Manager Phil Swanson says we can all just walk or trundle ourselves along to the Town Hall tomorrow night for the public meeting and discussion and voting on articles of interest: Such as whether to approve monies to buy land for a new snow dump site.

Now, here is a little piece of info which The Bird did not realize: There IS voting by ballot ALL DAY LONG to elect new Village Trustees. So. Visit the Town Hall early and often. Current Trustee Trish Compton is up for re-election and is running unopposed. The Trustee term held by Bob Pear has just ended and he will NOT be seeking re-election. In his place, Maple Street resident Emo Chynoweth, is running unopposed.

We have also learned that other than electing Trustees by ballot, no other measures may be voted on by paper unless the “people” at the actual meeting deem it to be so. So. All measures for discussion tomorrow night will be by voice vote, unless someone THERE/ATTENDING asks for a paper ballot and the people approve such suggestion.

Lest Village residents suffer from an inability to get up and go to Village Meeting or should they somehow be too “snowed in”, fear not (or fear A LOT) because, by law, all it takes is a quorum of THREE PEOPLE to attend to the annual business of the Village.

See you there! 7:30pm tomorrow night at the Town Hall (2nd floor conference room).

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