Nordic Center “Golf Course” Trails to Be Groomed TODAY!

Isn’t it a beautiful morning, Woodstock Early Birds, with this lovely fluffy snow and blue skies?

If you have a little time off today from regular “stuff,” we have just heard from a “source” close to the Woodstock Inn Nordic Center that they are going to “re-open” today with some groomed trails for you!

Of course, if you like ungroomed woods, have at it. But if you love a few tracks rather than breaking trail, this is a lovely opportunity to get out in the SUN and SNOW. Shades required.

Early Bird was out on the snowshoes yesterday for the first time in awhile and it was just the right amount of snow for a walk in the woods.

“Ops” for the Nordic Center is out of the Woodstock Inn Health and Fitness Center (or whatever they call it now…) Look for Peter Davenport. He will set you up with what you need if you don’t have your own equipment….So we’re told.

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  1. Posted by Nancy Randall on March 20, 2013 at 09:39

    Yes, but don’t even think of taking any downhill runs locally. Suicide 6 has seen fit to CLOSE EARLY. Explain that to me…


    • You know the answer Nancy: Dollars and Cents. What people forget is that businesses are trying to run businesses. They are not charities for a few….WEB


      • Posted by Nancy Randall on March 20, 2013 at 10:15

        Suicide Six season passholders pay a premium to ski at this little gem of an area–and are an important part of what makes it possible for the Resort to keep S6 up and running. But keeping it local can be costly, and many skiers in our community have chosen to buy the much less expensive season pass and ski at Okemo. In past years the Resort has honored its commitment to S6 season passholders by extending the season when the weather warranted. That’s not charity; it’s good business.


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