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March @Prince and The Pauper Restaurant

The Prince & The Pauper RestaurantYou are welcome to call us” late to supper”….

We know many of you have been wondering (because you asked us!) if “March Madness” at the Prince and The Pauper Restaurant is “on” this year?

March Madness has often been one of the few redeeming features of March (aside from maple sap running IF the temps ever get above freezing ) for locals who have not made it to Florida, Mexico, or “The Islands.” (We are very, very put out and sorry we didn’t get that invite to “The Baths at Virgin Gorda” this year.)

We have learned (a little late since there’s only a week left to March) that the P&P has a sort of March Madness going. It’s NOT March Madness per se, but it is a “dealio” and this is it:

Everything on the Bistro Menu is $16, including the new addition, Pork Schnitzel, from Sunday night through Wednesday night.

Just thought you should know. A little late. But better than never. Sunday-Wednesday P&P. Yummy wines. Snark provided by Vinnie. I mean old world “charm” and “hospitality.”

P.S. Things to do this weekend: Movie about the undead, aka “Warm Bodies” at Town Hall Theater Friday, Sunday and Monday.

No movie SATURDAY at the Town Hall Theater. Instead: #Hysteria!!! No, it’s the annual “Community Showcase” Presented by Pentangle. Click on the movie poster at Woodstock Early Bird and you can get the details. $10. A bargain to see your own neighbors involved in spectacle! And well, the only thing better than Community Showcase is our monthly Village Trustees Meeting.

UPDATE: Vinnie and Chris are offering this Sunday-Wednesday special through April!!!!