The WASP’s Jill Johnssen to Hartland Diner

Hartland DinerWe just wanted to let you know that in less than two weeks, April 8th, the new Hartland Diner will be opening — with all kinds of crazy ideas, like you get to ask for crispy bacon, floppy bacon or NO BACON with your eggs.

Now here is the NEWS FLASH (JUST IN!!!): Jill Johnssen, the current owner and cook at The WASP, in Woodstock, will be migrating to The HARTLAND DINER.

Jill will be joining Kim Sweeney in the kitchen. Hartland Diner owner Nicole Bartner, not one to shy away from HYPE, said this morning, “We’re taking DINER to another level. With Kim and Jill running our kitchen we have the two best diner cooks ANYWHERE!”

Bartner adds,” We hope to see all WASPers in Hartland.” (We have even heard she is considering a shuttle bus for some of the more colorful Woodstock patrons…who shall remain nameless.)

While we have trumpeted the “breakfast all day” deal, The Hartland Diner will be serving other fine comfort foods, too: PIE. Apparently Bartner, Sweeney and Johnssen value good PIE. So there will be PIE.

And, of course, good coffee is necessary with good PIE. So, Vermont Coffee Company beans will be grinding while Kim and Jill are juggling the eggs, soups, burgers and sandwiches. You know, all involving bacon. Not really. Don’t get scared by the bacon. Not to worry, veggie options WILL be available (As our proprietess Nicole is a vegetarian despite her history with pig farms and wanton wandering truffle-snorfling digging boar-like pigs.)

Another note so you are not surprised: Color scheme for the Hartland Diner “Jamaican Aqua” — so, you see, a little bit Vermont…a little bit, Island!

Bring you own palms. BTW, Palm Sunday last weekend for those of you who celebrate such things with Easter coming up this Sunday. Palms were a-waving outside the Episcopal Church Sunday morning. No, it wasn’t an Island-themed wedding. At least Woodstock Early Bird figured that one out and proceeded without embarrassing picture-taking or gauche questions like: Where’s the partay? Back to Jamaican Aqua theme. We expect that new Hartland Diner tee-shirts in “Jamaican Aqua” will soon be all the rage. Again. Cool beans.

For more updates on the re-modelling of The Hartland Diner and pre-opening HYPE, visit:

With regards to The WASP Diner and Snack Bar. It is being offered for sale.

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  1. Posted by Steven Thomas on March 26, 2013 at 10:42

    TOO bad about the Wasp. I guess I understand. Wish all well! (Hartland’s just a little too far away but with Jill’s great cooking we will make the trek…).


  2. Posted by Molly on March 26, 2013 at 17:36

    We will make it to taste Jill’s food….so what is the trip is longer…it is worth it.
    See you there, Jill!! But Woodstock’s big loss.


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