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Hartford Suspicious Van Resolved

The Hartford Police Department would like to thank all vigilant citizens in their support and attention into the recent incidents reported involving a suspicious grey van and several male subjects.

Many people called, emailed, or posted information on our Facebook page in an effort to aid our investigation. Since the first suspicious incident was reported on March 25th, all Hartford officers were actively pursing all leads and vehicles that could have possibly been related to these incidents.

It is our job and responsibility to keep this community safe, and with the public’s help we believe we have been successful in bringing our investigation into these reported incidents to a successful conclusion.

As one can imagine there are several gray vans in the area, and we apologize for any inconveniences that some of these van owners may have suffered due to our investigation. However, as of today we feel confident that we have located the grey van, and its owner in question for both reported incidents.

After a lengthy investigation, it was determined that the owner of the grey van did indeed pick up three male subjects in the Wilder area on March 25, 2013. We are confident that although the three males in question, all of whom have been identified, may have been acting suspiciously, there was no risk to the young child who was involved in this incident.

The same grey van and its owner were also identified as being the van in question where a handgun was displayed at Kilowatt Field. Investigation determined that there was no criminal intent during this incident. It was found that one subject was simply trying to show another subject one of his newly acquired firearms.

Although all subjects and the vehicle have been identified through the course of this investigation, we continue to urge the general public to keep a vigilant eye out and continue to report anything suspicious in nature as soon as possible.

Again, we thank the public for all their help and attention into these incidents. Without your assistance we would not have been able to complete this investigation.

All parties have been dealt with accordingly, and no further concerns are foreseen involving the reported gray van in the Hartford area.