Confused By Bunnies, Eggs and Droppings



So you all know how Woodstock Early Bunny tries to put two and two together and is sometimes at a loss. So we found this Easter Bunny lounging outside Ellaway’s Attic store entrance. Then, as we were walking along we found this “mine-field” of Easter Bunny DROPPINGS. We couldn’t believe that someone in this Village had not picked up the bunny poo!?

Then, we realized, oh, these are Easter EGGS, not droppings. So then we wondered if the Easter Bunny came before the easter eggs or if the eggs came before the easter bunny? Confusing.

Finally, it dawned on us early this morning: Brenda is the one who is confused! Because for an Easter Egg Hunt you HIDE the eggs! Brenda, you don’t DROP the eggs! They are supposed to be hidden…you know, so the little kids can FIND them. Instead, we have evidence of BUNNY POO. Or maybe it is the next greatest thing in spring flower fertilizer? We don’t know as we have a garden-challenged brown thumb.

Happy Bunny!

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  1. Posted by Brenda Blakeman on March 31, 2013 at 07:09

    Happy Easter–yes i am confused—i forgot i was supposed to hide the eggs!!! silly Rabbit–eggs r 4 kids!!!!—it is an experiment–it is an egg garden!!!! something is going on –they seem to be multiplying!!!!–lol


  2. Posted by Diana Brown on March 31, 2013 at 12:26

    I happened to drive by the other day as the egg garden was being planted. I just love it- bright and spring and fun, and wonderful to see. Thanks, Julia- now I can look at it on WEB- and smile. And thanks to B. Bunny for her not-so-secret delightful egg garden!


  3. Posted by barb on March 31, 2013 at 18:46

    LOVE the fun of this article (and reliable and unbiased) reporting on all of the woodstock activity…..i escaped to fl this winter and you have kept me up to date with the coming and goings of woodstock while away …..this site was a great idea!!!


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