Signs of Spring: Park Benches and Construction

park bench

This may not seem very exciting to you: It’s just a park bench. But to Woodstock Early Bird we know it means someone with the Village Public Works Department is acknowledging SPRING.

The park benches are removed just after Foliage and we, Woodstock residents,  are left seat-less during our perambulations of the Village Green until they are re-placed — among the returned — in the spring to enjoy a sunny day, a picnic and eventually music on the Green. Park Bench: Very exciting and hopeful change of scenery!

river street retaining wall

Here’s something else: Construction. Crews are at work repairing the River Street Retaining Wall near the intersection with Elm Street near the Elm Street Bridge. That end of River Street is closed off for awhile as you come around by the National Park. You can still gain access to River Street and Mountain Avenue via Route 4 at the Rec Center  Bridge and/or over the Middle Covered Bridge.  Enjoy the detour….(P.S. Plans to lower the road at the rise were recently nixed as the cost for that piece of engineering and dig-up of power and communications lines would have been — as they say — cost prohibitive.)

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