Brown Paper Down: Bentley’s Reopens @ 5pm Thursday

bents reopenWoodstock Early Birds: We have confirmed Bentleys Restaurant re-opens tomorrow/Thursday @5pm for drinks, dinner and music!

Not a minute too soon, eh?  We expect a crowd — crowd being a relative term for a Mud Season in April Thursday, but you know what we mean!  Today, a sunny spring one, window washers were at work and the brown paper is coming down.

Here are the headlines you need to know:

1. Bentleys restaurant license coming in today/Wednesday — as we write — according to John Ruggieri-Lam, our new owner/partner/host.

2. Vermont Health Inspectors give Bentleys a 95 out of 100 for cleanliness and readiness to operate. Something about replacing some floorboards keeping them from 99, according Maria Feddura, Bentleys Ops Manager, who thinks the Health Inspector just didn’t want to give the revitalized restaurant a near-perfect rating.

3. We hear that Chef Andrew is still with us, which we think is great for continuity! We also hear some regulars “at bar” that you know, including “Miss Nikki” will be on hand, although we were not shown a schedule.

4. Super-secret special “tip”: “Paulie from Boston” will be in the house. This means there may be a “special” not known to Woodstockers, but well-known to Bostonian fans of “The Daily Catch” which Paulie and Maria started years ago.

Another reason to check in tomorrow.  Bentleys does NOT plan a “Daily Catch” theme, but as a surprise celebration, who knows, we’re told,  we may get to taste  something mouth-watering for “Opening Day.”

BTW, go BOSTON!  Go Paulie! (On the road heading North as we write)  The Calamari Express is ON THE WAY!

5. THIS WEEKEND @ Bents: Boston DJ Ricki Salcedo coming to town to help give us back our MOJO.

5. For those of you in Quechee, ready to get back to “Riverstones” in the place of Firestones, Maria says the goal opening day there will be Mother’s Day. Watch this space!

That’s all we have for you right now. See you at Bent’s tomorrow evening!



In other news: The BOOTHS are IN at The Hartland Diner. For more info and to see their menu go to :

We’ve heard a lot of folks enjoy the menu item: “Your Wife Called…This is All You Can Have.”

We went down to Hartland for lunch yesterday and ordered up a “The Rachel” OMG. The coleslaw and its dressing is freshly made at the  Hartland Diner by Kim and Jill. The TURKEY in the Rachel is fresh-roasted Vermont turkey. The real thing. No turkey roll here. DEEE-LISH.  Order up some fries just because — almost FRENCH in delivery, like a FRITE!

You will be “engaged” at the Diner, people will talk and yack and make it fun. Matt, the Head Waiter, may even pull up a stool and tell a story. But, feel free to say, you know, you’d like to EAT, too. Bottomless cuppa’ at HD. Just sayin’.

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    Brilliant news all around!!!


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