Deep Breath: Saturday is Here!

Woodstock Early Birds, now that we can breathe a little easier, although no less sadly, about the events in Boston, might we suggest a fun, entertaining movie at the Town Hall this evening? We hear good reviews of Tina Fey’s “Admission” brought to us by the good folks at Pentangle Arts. Click on the movie poster on WEB’s main page.

We would like you to know the Hartland Diner is “doing” eggs benedict on weekends  (and where else can you enjoy  breakfast meat so local, um, the HD staff knows the creature’s name?  Ask if you must — we’re just thankful knowing where our food is from).

The place has been “jamming”…counter and booths are in. Matt and Nicole: front of the house, with Kim in the kitchen this weekend. Jill baking up a storm somewhere along the way and then “on grill” Monday and Tuesdays. 7am-2pm.

Finally, will update separately, but, yes, many of  our most up-standing and later rowdiest Villagers attended the re-opening of Bentley’s the other evening which was like a good wedding reception. Some kinks in the system…but we know things will shake down. The headline is simply: Bentleys is Bentley’s and the cornerstone restaurant is OPEN.

In the house this weekend: Lovely folks we’ve already met attending a church group retreat/conference at the Woodstock Inn — among them coupla’ gals who reported quietly leaving Somerville yesterday in their get-away car for Woodstock. We welcome them. Also, we noted a bride entering the Woodstock Inn with her entourage yesterday evening. Folks in sales at the Inn have clearly stepped up their game as we’ve noticed more “mud-season” wedding and conference activity than normal for this time of year. (Good Job Courtney and Crew!)

Carry on! Go Red Sox!

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  1. Posted by Barbara on April 20, 2013 at 08:07

    Not just Villagers at Bentleys – we “Townies” were there too!


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