Woodstock is Worthy!

Worthy GlassThe folks who brought us The Worthy Burger in South Royalton – Dave Brodrick, Kurt Lessard and Jason Merrill – have just signed off on the purchase of the Eastender Restaurant in Woodstock!

From its very amply-outfitted kitchen they will begin to operate Worthy Catering, providing culinary delights from brewfests to weddings. This group already has ample bookings and needed a professional prep space. The kitchen is also large enough that they plan to process burger variations to provide more offerings at The Worthy Burger.

Eventually, as the summer goes on, we have learned from Jason Merrill, The Worthy Kitchen will gear up as a full-on lunch and dinner restaurant with an anticipated opening sometime late July or early August. Ample line of their specialty beers and homemade lemonade etc. Deck dining…

And there’s this: No burgers on the menu! What???!

But. The Worthy Kitchen will sell prepared foods and offer BURGER KITS. We have no idea what exactly is a burger kit, but we’ll find out soon.

More as we know it. These are the brief details!

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  1. Posted by Andrea Sand on April 23, 2013 at 12:42

    The Worthy Burger in SoRo: coolest restaurant in the Upper Valley.


  2. I was all excited until i read no burger, Woodstock needs a good place to get a burger and the worthy burger is not exactly in a direction I travel. Maybe they will change their minds. But anyway you look at it, it will be great to have something back in the Eastender space


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