Square Up With Woodstock Early Bird!

square up

Woodstock Early Birds, we are announcing that we are now SQUARE. But many of you already knew that, right?!

No, we are not talking about our social graces, or lack thereof, but our ability to collect Woodstock Early Bird subscription monies.

As we remind you from time to time, as much as you might love Woodstock Early Bird alerts to keep you getting the latest “SCOOP” about Woodstock, we DO have expenses and CANNOT BE SUSTAINABLE without your financial assistance.

We thought we’d use that “S” word —  but with gritted teeth —  because it is SUCH A CLICHE,  but still applicable in this case! Since even Woodstock Early Bird’s alma mater has a “Sustainability Semester” we thought we’d just jump on the”SUSTAINABLE” bandwagon!)

We have some amazing advertisers who have stepped up to the plate over the past two years, starting with Veremedy Pet Hospitals, Andrea Trzaskos’ Pottery, Woodstock Farm Kennel, Pentangle Council on the Arts, Mon Vert Cafe, Dr. Mark Knott, DDS, Hartland Diner and now Frameworks Studio of Woodstock —  as well as some amazing contributors — Thanks to several generously large contributors from THE BIG STATE of TEXAS and some very key folks over on MOUNTAIN AVENUE, not to mention several dozen wonderful individuals from all over who have paid-as-they-could and written encouraging notes for this effort.

However, these handful of advertisers and contributors (.06% of subscribers)  to this point, have been carrying the load for Woodstock Early Bird. We would encourage you to step up with your own pay-as-you-can-subscription.

Yup, we accept checks via regular old mail: “Woodstock Early Bird”, PO Box 659, Woodstock, VT 05091.

However, this  announcement is about making it much, much easier to get ‘er done. We now have a SQUARE register on our phone and can accept your credit card payments for the news pretty much anytime, anyplace, for what we hope continues to be an endless source of always fact-based serious news posts as well as endless smattering of posts of the “mirth and merriment” variety.

Whether you are looking for the “hard news” or “hilarious news”  we try to provide a little bit of both, obviously sprinkled with our own opinions about Woodstock current events.

Stop Woodstock Early Bird when you see her and ask to “Square Up” with your credit card and we will pull out the ‘ole “cash register” to make it happen quickly, securely and easily.

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