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Ben and Jerry’s Icing Out Locals

Seems Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Brand, under Unilever, has gotten too big for its Vermont britches…and it’s meant a change of ice cream locally at The Prince and the Pauper.

First the source of the original story, Seven Days, here:

We heard from Chris Balcer that the Prince and the Pauper just doesn’t use and can’t afford the bulk amounts Unilever’s distributor is requiring. So no more Ben and Jerry’s for dessert.

The P&P’s Balcer wrote:

“We’ve been offering Ben &Jerry’s since ’81. The new distributor raised the cost of 2.5 gallon tubs from $39 to $48 — almost 30%. We searched out an alternative and found Wilcox Ice Cream in Manchester.”

Balcer had some frosty commentary on this action by Ben and Jerry’s parent company as B and J was one of the first “buy local” Vermont brands.

But we will let you talk to him in person over a dish of Wilcox Vermont-made ice cream.

Is it time to boycott Ben and Jerry’s? Say it ‘ain’t so!