Woodstock Police: Vandalism and Check Theft

Woodstock Early Birds, we are very appreciative of this latest report from Woodstock Police Chief Robbie Blish about various incidents that have taken place in our community.

So we have a “Weekend Update” but it is not, of course,  of the humorous variety. We hope you will thank WPD for providing the info in their efforts to involve the public in helping keep our Village and Town safe!

(You all know that Woodstock Early Bird has pushed pretty hard for more up-to-date, timely and more comprehensive information so we do wish to be appreciative when our Police,  Village and Town Government are responsive to that call -WEB)

This report from Woodstock Police Chief  Robbie Blish:

1. GRAFFITI: Over the weekend there was some vandalism at Woodstock Elementary School.  Some unknown Persons Spray painted epithets on the side of the building in white spray paint.
This is related to a similiar incident at Vail Field approximately two weeks ago in which the initials “EVC” were spray painted inside the building.
 Anyone with information regarding theses incidents are asked to contact Officer Mark Donka at 457-1420.
2. LOST BOYS: On Friday 04/26/13 evening at approximately 19:30 WPD responded to a report of two missing 10 year old boys, who were last seen on their bikes at approximately 16:00 hours.
The youths were located at Woodstock Elementary School and escorted home.
3. SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: A suspicious vehicle was reported on Hartland Hill with two males in it. No further description of Van or subjects available at this time.
4. BURGLARIES: Some time between 04/15 and 04/23 two homes on Hartland Hill Road that were unsecured, were entered and the only items taken were checks from the victims’ check books and a small picture camera.
It was later learned that one of the checks was cashed at TD Bank in Chester, VT.
These cases remain under investigation and there is a Person of Interest at this time.
However WPD is awaiting video pictures from TD Bank security to verify the possible culprit’s identity.
 Residents are asked to be sure to secure their residences when not at home. In addition, residents are asked to check their accounts and notify WPD if they find any missing checks or fraudulent activity on their accounts.
Robbie Blish
Chief of Police
Woodstock Police Department
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